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Volunteering at Shorehealth lets you choose your own schedule and interests


Have fun and make new friends while helping your community and Memorial Hospital. Join the men and women of the Auxiliary in Easton. Your ideas and energy are needed in many services and locations. Volunteers can be found throughout the hospital and in almost every department. The Auxiliary is a team of committed, enthusiastic, and creative volunteers who go a long way in assisting the hospital achieve its Mission.


There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the hospital and offsite facilities. The availability of assignments varies and is based on the needs of each department.

The Auxiliary was established in 1947 at the suggestion of the Hospital Board and its staff, 15 civic minded women formed the nucleus of the then Junior Auxiliary. During the same year, units formed in Denton and Federalsburg and then joined the Central Group in Easton. On April 15, 1997, our name was changed to the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton, MD., Inc. Auxilians have been instrumental in raising funds for many hospital projects.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please call the Auxiliary Office at (410) 822-1000 extension 5839 to register and someone will contact you to schedule an Information and Interview Session. Volunteers are required to serve a minimum of 60 hours per year.

Memorial Hospital volunteers are asked to give their time for regularly scheduled shifts which can be either 3 or 4 hours each. Volunteer assignments are based on the volunteer's interest and personal schedule and the hospital's needs.

The Auxiliary membership currently is approximately 300 men and women serving in many types of services. What kind of people Volunteer? Working people who find volunteer service a welcome change of pace; retired people who find being needed and wanted helps keep them healthy. All people who find volunteering is a gift to themselves as well as their community.

Clinical Volunteer Opportunities

Cancer Center

Diagnostic and Imaging Center

Digestive Health Center


Hypertension Screening

Rehabilitation Center

Same Day Surgery

Outpatient Registration

Secondary Recovery

Shore Regional Breast Center

Non-Clinical Volunteer Opportunities

Maggie's Gift Shop

Bazaar at 121 Federal Street

Information Desk


Pandoras Box

All members must pay annual dues of $1.00 per year in June. Volunteers must be 18 years or older. All Volunteers, men and women, are required to wear Auxiliary uniforms and Shore Health System identification name badge. All new members will be trained in Shore Health and Auxiliary procedures before they become members of the Auxiliary. Members are required to have a special instruction on safety and emergency procedures. Volunteers must pledge confidentiality according to the HIPAA act of 1986 and are required to complete an annual review demonstrating knowledge of the safety and emergency procedures. An annual Tuberculin Skin test is also required.

Download your volunteer application and bring the completed form with you to the interview session.

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