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Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation
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Balance Center
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Lokomat Robotic Gait Rehabilitation
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Center for Integrative Medicine
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Shore Rehabilitation of Cambridge
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Shore Rehabilitation of Denton
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Shore Rehabilitation of Easton
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Shore Rehabilitation of Queenstown
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Our rehabilitation hand therapy program

Benefits of Working with a Certified Hand Therapist

Shore Rehabilitation Services is proud that we are able to provide to the region a highly regarded and experienced Hand Therapy program led by a specially trained and Certified Hand Therapist.

Our hands are part of our self expression. People value their hands in their work, leisure and self care activities. When someone is unable to perform those activities due to injury, or disease such as arthritis, it can alter their independence and affect their way of life .Anyone with an injury wants the very best to assure maximum recovery. A certified hand therapist offers the public assurance that the therapist treating them has achieved the highest level of competence in the profession.

A Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) is a licensed Occupational or Physical Therapist (PT) with a minimum of five years of experience including 4,000 hours of direct patient care in hand therapy. In addition, a CHT must pass a comprehensive examination demonstrating advance clinical skill through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

The intricate anatomy of the arm and hand frequently requires very delicate surgery, often with microscopic techniques. The technical complexity of these surgeries requires a high level of competency by therapists with advanced skill in upper extremity rehabilitation. As one would expect the CHT will typically have a stronger than usual working relationship and communication process with the surgeons involved. This professional collaboration of medical-surgical and medical-rehabilitative care is another assurance of more advanced evaluations, treatments and better recovery.

A certified hand therapist (CHT) is someone who has demonstrated a personal dedication to the hand therapy profession. The CHT credential is recognized by many professional organizations as a benchmark for excellence in health care.

Common diagnoses managed by a CHT include:

Treatment methods typically used include:

For more information contact us at The Hand Therapy Clinic in our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Easton at 410-822-3080

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