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Nutrition Centers

Our Nutrition Centers are a community health service staffed by registered, licensed dietitians. The Centers offer nutritional care and counseling on a wide variety of nutrition topics, to a variety of clients. Staff will help you follow a healthy lifestyle and have the best diet possible.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you need to follow a modified diet for health purposes, or you're interested in losing weight safely, or just want to learn the basics of good nutrition, our counseling services are for you.


Nutrition counseling is available by appointment. A referral by your physician is required before an appointment can be scheduled. For further information about The Memorial Hospital's programs call 410/822-1000, ext. 5339. Dorchester General Hospital's programs can be reached by calling 410/228-5511, ext. 8474.


Your initial visit will last approximately one hour. During this visit, thorough diet guidelines will be discussed. You will receive individual dietary counseling and guidance with your usual lifestyle kept in mind. A written copy of your diet and other pertinent diet materials will be provided. Follow-up visits, for approximately 30 minutes, are scheduled as necessary to help achieve short term goals and long term success.

Nutrition Counseling and Services

Our Registered Dietitians provide extensive nutrition counseling for clients with all types of medical conditions.

Types of counseling offered include:

Group classes

Dietitians are also available to teach group classes on such topics as diabetes management and weight loss. Some of our dietitians will also conduct grocery store tours to offer special instruction on buying food to meet nutritional guidelines.

Nutrition Center Professional Staff

At our Nutrition Centers you will receive counseling from an expert. Staff meet specific academic and clinical requirements established by the American Dietetic Association. Each Registered Dietitian (R.D.) completes a national registration exam and maintains continuing education requirements established by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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