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Cardiac testing
410-822-1000 ext. 5805
410-228-5511 ext. 8367
Pacemaker/implantable defibrillator clinic
410-822-1000 ext. 5805
Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)
410-822-1000 ext. 5208
410-228-5511 ext. 8201
Antithrombosis Services Coumadin® Clinic
410-228-5511 ext. 5283
Center for Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness
Dorchester General Hospital at 410-228-5511 ext. 8201
The Memorial Hospital at Easton at 410-822-1000 ext. 5208

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This program provides the continued support and structure needed to help maintain the healthy lifestyle habits developed during Cardiac Rehabilitation.
See more information on Cardiovascular Disease in our Health Library
Regional Sleep Disorder Center
Heart Attacks Spur Fitness Commitment
Information on Charitable Giving

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services

Cardiology/Cardiac/Cath Lab - Pulmonary Function - Respiratory Care - EEG/Sleep Lab - Vascular Center - Center for Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness

We are here to help you and your physician manage your care - providing a wide range of cardiovascular and pulmonary services at the Memorial Hospital in Easton.

Pre-registration is encouraged for all testing. Please call the performing department directly.

1st Floor Services:

Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness, ext. 5208

3rd Floor Services:

Cardiology, ext. 5805

Pulmonary Function, ext. 5810

Respiratory Care, ext. 5810

EEG, Ext. 5810 or 5824

Sleep Disorders Center

4th Floor Services:

Vascular Center, ext. 5809

Individuals who do not have coronary artery disease, but who are at risk, may want to improve physical conditioning. This supervised program meets three to five times weekly. You will receive cardiac monitoring once monthly. This prevention-based program introduces you to a variety of aerobic conditioning exercises and weight training.

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