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The Shore Regional Cancer Center

The Shore Regional Cancer Center, located at 509 Idlewild Ave. in Easton, Maryland, is the hub of the extensive cancer program that is offered here at Shore Health System. Our highly trained, professional staff provides an interdisciplinary approach to cancer care. From diagnosis, treatment, support and survivorship our patients are never alone. Our comprehensive technology combined with a personal touch and superior patient care is what helps make our medical, radiation and surgical oncology teams provide excellent care, everyday.

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Shore Regional Cancer Program Includes


Surgery is often the preferred treatment modality for many cancers and may be performed in conjunction with radiation and/or chemotherapy. The integration of treatment therapies is through the multidisciplinary approach of the surgeons and specialists at The Memorial Hospital at Easton and Dorchester General Hospital. Surgical subspecialties include general vascular and thoracic surgery, urology, orthopedic procedures, cataract surgery, laser procedures, plastic and reconstructive surgery, obstetrics and gynecological surgery, and pediatric, hand, ear, nose and throat surgeries, neurosurgery and robotic surgery for prostate cancer.


The Requard Radiation Oncology Center provides a full spectrum of services comparable to those offered at major metropolitan cancer centers and university medical centers. The full spectrum of contemporary radiation therapy consists of equipment and techniques that provide progressively more precise treatments for tumor type and location. This spectrum includes:

  • Three-dimen/sional treatment planning hardware and software enables the radiation oncologist to provide an optimal treatment plan individualized to each patient. This treatment precisely targets the tumor but minimizes damage to normal tissue, resulting in fewer side effects for patients.
  • External beam therapy is provided on two new state-of-the-art Varian 23iX and 21EX linear accelerators with 120 leaf multileaf collimators. This enables the treatment to precisely target the tumor by conforming the 120 leaves to the shape of the tumor
  • An on-site large bore CT scanner is used to plan radiation therapy treatments. CT planning accurately determines the size, shape, and direction of the beam for each patient.
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) enables even more precise dosage calculation and treatment delivery, with a computer calculating the ideal dose to determine the shape of the radiation beam to each part of the tumor. IMRT also allows the delivery of a higher dose of radiation to the tumor while significantly reducing the amount of radiation to healthy surrounding tissue, resulting in fewer side effects.
  • Image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) uses high resolution x-rays to pinpoint internal tumor sites seconds before treatment. A computer compares the current patient position to the desired position and robotically corrects patient position for optimal precision for three-dimensional and IMRT treatments. For more information, go to:
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery allows cranial and spinal tumors that are surgically inoperable to be treated with very fine and ultra-precise radiation fields. Using 3mm microleaves, beamlets target the tumor while sparing sensitive normal tissue such as the optic nerve. For more information go to:
  • High dose rate brachytherapy (HDR) uses a miniature highly radioactive source on the end of a steel cable to robotically deliver a radiation treatment. HDR may be used in addition to 6 weeks of conventional radiotherapy. It may also be used as an alternative to conventional therapy for early stage breast cancers using Mammosite® which reduces the traditional six weeks of therapy to one week. For more information go to:
  • Low dose rate brachytherapy includes a prostate seed implant program. Radioactive seeds are surgically implanted in and around the tumor and left permanently in place, with the radioactivity gradually decreasing over time and eventually disappearing altogether. Minimal safety precautions are required at home, with patient education provided for these. This procedure involves only two outpatient procedures. For more information, go to:
click for larger view The linear accelerators used in Radiation treatment at the Shore Regional Cancer Center.


Outpatient Chemotherapy is offered at our Easton location. Shore Health System is proud to offer state of the art Cancer care here in our local communities. Our chemotherapy patients begin their treatment journey at The Shore Regional Cancer Center, located at 509 Idlewild Avenue, Easton, Maryland. This allows the patient to meet with the Oncology Social Worker, the Financial Counselor, and our specially trained Oncology Nurses. The patient is introduced to the many resources available, and an in depth educational session is held specific to the individual's treatment plan of care. We believe in empowering our patients through knowledge and they are encouraged to ask questions and be involved in their treatment plan.

click for larger view The chemotherapy treatment area at the Shore Cancer Regional Center.
click for larger view The chemotherapy treatment area at the Shore Cancer Regional Center.


The Shore Regional Breast Center, located at Memorial Hospital in Easton, provides women of the community state of the art diagnostic services close to home. With breast cancer being the most common form of cancer found in women, the Center provides precise, prompt diagnoses and in depth counseling to support women and their families.

Founded in April, 2000, the Center offers digital mammography, stereo tactic and ultrasound guided core biopsies, and fine needle aspirations. Surgeons, an oncology certified nurse, radiologists and pathologists, all work closely to provide the woman with the information needed to make an informed decision regarding her cancer. The nurse is available 24 hours for support and education. And a resource center with internet access is also located at the Center.

A genetic counseling program provides specific information for those women assessed at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. After an in-depth family history indicates the women may be at increased risk, and counseling and testing can be done.

The goal of The Shore Regional Breast Center is to give personalized care so that a woman may return to her normal routine as soon as possible.

A screening program is also available through the Center for women who are uninsured or underinsured and meet financial guidelines. The Wellness For Women program provides screening mammograms and clinical breast exams by a nurse practitioner at monthly clinics. This service is funded by Memorial Hospital and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure

For questions or more information please call:
410-820-9400 or 410-822-1000 ext. 5387
From Dorchester County call 410-476-3771, ext. 5387


Imaging Services are provided at The Memorial Hospital, Dorchester General Hospital and the Diagnostic and Imaging Centers in Easton, Denton, and Centreville. Services include Digital Mammography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Interventional Radiology, mobile PET/CT scanning, and bone densitometry.


Participation in a clinical trial may be an option for patients receiving treatment for cancer. The center also participates in prevention trials for breast and prostate cancer.


These services are provided to our patients through the Center for Integrative Medicine of Shore Health System.


On-site Chaplains from Shore Health's Department of Clinical Ethics and Spiritual Care provide non-denominational spiritual care and offer resources for most religious traditions found in our community.


Shore Health System's Comprehensive Rehab Care offers a wide variety of services for our cancer patients to include lymphedema therapy, exercise therapy for fatigue, speech/language pathology, wound and pain management. They have convenient close to home locations in Easton, Cambridge, Denton and Centreville.


Social Work Services

Certified Clinical Oncology Social Workers confer with you and your medical team upon referral/request. Social Workers help you navigate the cancer experience whether you are being treated at our radiation center, getting chemotherapy as inpatient or at one of our infusion centers, taking part in a clinical trial, or are in transition. Our Oncology Social Workers coordinate with other medical social workers who may also be involved in your care.

Oncology Social Workers provide free individual assessments, family meetings and counseling to address coping with issues such as:

  • Emotional and life style changes during diagnosis, treatment, or recovery
  • Employment rights, navigating disability claims, or advocacy with insurance
  • Long range planning, family decisions, care giving
  • Advance Directives and Palliative Care

Oncology Social Workers also provide information and referrals that link patients to other agencies that can provide assistance with:

  • Transportation
  • Financial assistance
  • Smoking cessation
  • In-home services
  • Stress management and Complementary Medicine Therapies
  • Social Support or On-going counseling
  • Spiritual Support

For more information, referrals, and appointments, contact the Shore Regional Cancer Center at 410-820-6800

Oncology Nurse Navigator

A cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and confusing experience. The Oncology Nurse Navigator will educate so you can make informed decisions, and advocate for you into survivorship.

The Oncology Nurse Navigator provides one point of contact throughout your cancer journey by working collaboratively with family physicians, surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, dietitians, social workers and other health professionals.

From diagnosis through recovery, the Oncology Nurse Navigator will help you to:

  • Understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Find your way to your appointments
  • Convey questions or concerns to your doctors and your healthcare team
  • Relay critical information between medical departments in a timely manner
  • Connect you with a support group of people in a similar situation
  • Coordinate care with other providers, such as pharmacists, dieticians and social workers
  • Understand your medications
  • Gain access to new treatments through our well-controlled clinical trials
  • Use Shore Regional Cancer Center's many support services and other community resources
  • Make the experience easier and less stressful

For more information about the Oncology Nurse Navigator, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5096

Palliative Care

A designated Palliative Care Suite is located at Memorial Hospital at Easton. The suite, conceived by the nursing staff on 2-East and funded by the Auxiliary of the Memorial Hospital, was designed for the comfort of dying patients and their families.

Nutrition Services

Comprehensive nutrition assessment services of high risk individuals or for those requesting nutrition counseling is available from the staff dietitian. Services provided include:

  • Basic nutrition principles
    • how to eat right during cancer treatment
    • coping with nutrition related side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments
    • review of calorie and protein needs
    • nutritional supplements
    • vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Nutrition Support
    • nutrition counseling
    • instruction for individuals requiring tube feeding
  • Alternative and complementary therapies in nutrition.

Support Groups

Several Support groups meet at the Shore Regional Cancer Center (SRCC) and are offered free of charge. For information on additional support groups in your area or on-line support groups, contact one of our Oncology Social Workers at 410-820-6800.

Other Community Support Services

The following services are provided free to the community.

The Pat Shortall Wig Room at the Shore Regional Cancer Center - Wigs, hats and other accessories are available through donations from the community. A volunteer can help you choose the look the fits you best. For assistance, call 410-820-6800

Look Good/Feel Better Program(LGFB) - Offered through the American Cancer Society, LGFB is a small group class on coping with hair loss, and changes in skin and appearance due to cancer treatment. 10:30 @ SRCC 3rd Monday of the month. Pre-register by calling 410-820-6800.

Spiritual Support and Pastoral Care

Educational Groups - A variety of topics for patients and family are addressed in periodic educational sessions. For a current schedule, call 410-820-6800.

Survivorship Program - Shore Regional Cancer Program participates in the annual National Cancer Survivors Day. The Celebration is held the first Sunday in June. Survivors are encouraged to participate in the planning and to attend. Survivors are also invited to become volunteers at one of our treatment centers or as a driver for the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery program. For more information, call 410-820-6800.

Patient Library - Located at the Shore Regional Cancer Center, the library is open to patients and families M-F 8:30-4:30. The collection includes free information and pamphlets as well as cancer related magazines, books, CDs and DVDs that can be checked out. For more information, call 410-820-6800.

The Regional Cancer Center may be reached by calling 410-820-6800.

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