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Breast Cancer Treatment Center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Shore Regional Breast Center

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Since 2000, Shore Regional Breast Center has provided services for breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and support so women can make prompt, informed decisions about the most common type of cancer among women.

The Center provides:

Shore Health System's genetic counseling program provides specific information to help individuals assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Basic screening begins with a brief family history that can be done by phone. If risk appears to be increased, an in-depth family history and counseling, prior to possible testing, will be offered at Shore Regional Breast Center, located at the Memorial Hospital in Easton.

Shore Regional Breast Center provides quick, precise medical information and in-depth counseling to help women make informed decisions when they are facing a breast cancer diagnosis. The Center staff includes a Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years experience in Women's Health to communicate with women, their families and their physicians. The focus is on appropriate therapy to return the patient to family, work and normal activities as soon as possible.

The Breast Center offers rapid turnaround of reports to referring physicians. Other services include convenient, one-stop access to diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, biopsy, as appropriate, and surgeon consultation, in one location, all on the same day. Patients also have access to the latest breast health research and clinical trials.

For more information about Shore Regional Breast Center, call 410-820-9400.

Meet Your Breast Care Team

Dale Jafari, Breast Cancer Care Nurse Practitioner

Dale Jafari
Nurse Practitioner

Roberta Lilly, Breast Cancer Care

Roberta Lilly

Joanie Peters, Breast Cancer Care Nursing Tech

Joanie Peters
Nursing Tech

Melissa Kelly, Breast Cancer Care Secretary

Melissa Kelly

Edla Coleman, Breast Cancer Center Survivorship Coordinator

Edla Coleman
Program Coordinator,
Survivors offering support

Consuelo Carpenter, Breast Cancer Center Outreach

Consuelo Carpenter

Mattie Fountain, Breast Cancer Center Outreach

Mattie Fountain

Jane Escher, Breast Cancer Center Case Worker

Jane Escher
Case Worker

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