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Student Nursing Opportunities

Shore Health System is pleased to have several programs to offer nursing students that will enhance their educational experience and prepare them to enter the work force with confidence in their abilities. Beginning as you complete your first clinical rotation and fundamentals of nursing course and lasting through the first year post-graduation, these oppotunities will augment your learning and smooth the transition in the world of healthcare.

Collegiate Nurse Intern Program

Strengthen your technical skills, learn time management, and interact with staff, clients, and families as you work in the role of nursing assistant/technician. Professional nurses will mentor you as you work as part of the team. As you advance in school your scope of skills progresses on the job. Positions and hours are available according to staffing needs. Possibilities include working only specific units, on care related clusters, or floating to all units to gain valuable experience. Work with recruiters in finding flexible scheduling that works for you. This may include a permanent, benefited position or a relief position. Augment your education with experience that will reinforce your studies while earning a salary throughout the year. Students must have successfully completed their first clinical rotation and fundamentals class before they are eligible.

Application packets are available through the Nurse Recruitment Office.

For more information call the Nurse Recruitment Office at 410-822-1000 ext. 8501.