Message from John Dillon, Chair, Board of Directors, Shore Regional Health

You are Shore Regional Health

When you make a donation to Shore Regional Health, you are making an investment in the health and well-being of our community.

Today, young families and retirees, farmers and watermen live side-by-side on the Mid-Shore. As the people of the region move through the cycles of life, Shore Regional Health must also grow so that everyone has access to the most effective, innovative and compassionate care possible.

We hear from people every day that health care tops the list of important services in this community. With respect for the past and high hopes for the future, we can maintain our edge of excellence in healthcare services for generations to come. New technologies, services, programs and innovative research are just some of the ways that your gifts will help tomorrow’s Shore Regional Health today.

Many people don’t know that we are a non-profit organization. While reimbursement from insurance providers and payments we receive for our services fuel our day-to-day operations, philanthropy makes it possible for us to invest in the future.

Invest in your community

We are committed to ensuring that we use every donation, regardless of size, to its fullest. You can be proud to know that your contributions are being used to save lives and to provide comfort and support for local families as they bravely battle illness and injury.

If you are interested in supporting a particular program or department, your contribution can be designated for a specific purpose. All gifts are acknowledged to the donor’s specifications and can be given anonymously if desired.

On behalf of the Shore Regional Health Board of Directors, I thank you for making a donation that will enhance the quality of health care for all of us across the Mid-Shore.

John Dillon
Chair, Shore Regional Health Board of Directors