Message from Graham Lee, Vice President for Philanthropy, Shore Health

Growing a Legacy

People ask me every day, “Why should I give to Shore Health?”

A personal experience I will never forget makes it easy for me to answer this question. I’m reminded of the importance of having quality health care close to home every moment that I spend with my son. As a young boy, he was critically injured playing sports. He would not have survived the trip over the bridge. His life was saved by the team of medical experts at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton.

Just as you and your family plan for today while preparing for the future, we too, need to build a safety net to preserve the high level of patient care you need.

Shore Regional Health hospitals and outpatient facilities are here when there’s an accident, illness strikes or you elect to have surgery. Whether you’re part of the Mid-Shore community for one week or every week of the year, you depend on us when a medical crisis strikes.

Your dollars at work

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit health system, Shore Regional Health relies upon gifts and donations to support our programs, services and technology. The revenues we receive from patients and insurance payers do not cover the total cost of investing in the latest equipment and technology, recruiting new physicians, training staff training, updating facilities and so much more.

Every donor and every dollar provides essential support for our ability to maintain excellence. Charitable giving helps reduce costs, provide access to care for those who can’t afford it, and enhance the quality of care for patients across our region.

The legacy of Shore Regional Health’s hospitals began more than a hundred years ago with a wish and a vision for the future. Today, we are flourishing through innovative thinking, and we’re asking for your generous support. This need becomes even more crucial as we plan to build a new regional medical center to replace our hospital in Easton.

Giving opportunities

There are many ways to support our hospitals and network of outpatient services. And many gifts – large and small – come together to make a big impact on so many people.

You may feel comfortable with a one-time gift or a major gift to support a specific service.

You might really like to establish an endowment in the name of someone who is near and dear to you.

Other ways you can contribute include:

Shore Regional Health offers other ways to be involved in our philanthropic work, such as sponsoring events, volunteer opportunities and outreach activities that strengthen our ties to the Mid-Shore community.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the many options for giving. Please call me at 410-822-1000, ext. 5509 or email me at

Graham Lee
Vice President for Philanthropy
Shore Regional Health